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[02 May 2025|10:43am]
community is a brand new place to write set in the fictional town of redwood, california. we understand that it's a lofty goal to get brand new communities off the ground but we're here to try. this community is all about bringing back interactive activities, character development and creativity which has fallen to the wayside as of late. we are looking to world build with our members and go all to create a quality new pb community. if you're interested in joining, please read the information in the links that are posted on the sidebar to the left.

if your application was deleted you were rejected. we reserve the right to reject any application that we do not think would fit in with our community.

add us to your examples
backdate your entries
request membership: here
ADDS: 06/25
played by: no challenges
district: one of four
ooc post: please link & backdate
examples: drop off here

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